Please enjoy your wonderful time in KOGETSU, also at Tokyo and Japan.
I will wait for you. See you soon. Thank you.

Thank you for coming KOGETSU website.
History of KOGETSU from 1967 over 50 years old.
KOGETSU means moon on a lake.
It had started Japanese restaurant in Hamburg Germany 1958.
The restaurant was near Alstar lake and last owner of KOGETSU
is from Kyoto near Biwa lake(most big lake in Japan).
He also liked a moon. So he named “KOGETSU“.

Chef Sato work in KOGETSU about 20 years from 1997.
He is cooking everything food and menu in the kitchen.
He became to the owner chef on 2012.
Chef Sato can speak English so he explain about menu,
ingredients and cooking for you.
He worked in Middle East from 1995 to 1997.
By all means, please ask him about the details of it in KOGETSU.

Sigeyuki Sato


KOGETSU is traditional Japanese restaurant.
It’s Kaiseki style, too much dishes serve to guests.
You can feel season and culture from your eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

We have two set menu.
One is regular menu another one is small set menu.
If you have any allergy and disagreement ingredients please tell us it.
We can change another menu.

1 ZENSAI (assorted appetizers)
2 OWAN (soup)
3 OTUKURI (assorted sashimi)
4 SHIIZAKANA (side dish)
5 YAKIMONO (grilled fish)

6 SUNOMONO (vinegared food)
7 NIMONO (boiled food)
8 GOHANMONO ( kind of rice)
9 KANNMI (dessert)


it’s in all 8 dishes and small serving

 Sake        ¥800~ 
 Beer        ¥800~ 
 Shoutyu       ¥800~ 
 Wine glass     ¥1,000~ 
 Wine bottle    ¥4,000~ 
 Sparkring wine ¥5,600~ 
 Champagne      ¥8,500 
 Soft drink     ¥600~ 

※We charge 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax.


03-3407-3033 (+81-3-3407-3033)


KOGETSU is very small restaurant (about 10seats).
Please make the reservation before coming to there.
I will wait for your calling.

Cancel policy

Reservation’s day――― \10,000 each person
Before a day of reservation――― \5,000 each person

Monday - Saturday
Dinner: 18:00 – 22:00, (L.O.20:00)

TEL 03-3407-3033 (+81-3-3407-3033)
5-50-10,Jingumae,Shibuya-Ku,Tokyo,150-001(OMOTESANDO Station/G02/C04/Z02 about 5min from EXIT B2)
Copyright(C)KOGETSU.All rights reserved. 無断転載はご遠慮ください。
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